Quick Step Rustic at Surefit Carpets Barnsley
The Quickstep Rustic Collection has an ideal length and width dimension that makes smaller rooms seem bigger. It has a particularly natural look and feel with a pronounced surface texture and bevels, and is an excellent choice for people looking for tradition and style.
Surefit Carpets stock the entire Rustic range, here are some samples of the Quick-Step flooring we supply and fit:

Quickstep, Rustic, White Oak Light, Barnsley Quickstep, Rustic, White Oak Natural, Barnsley Quickstep, Rustic, American Cherry, Barnsley Quickstep, Rustic, White Oak Brown, Barnsley
RIC1497 White Oak Light RIC1498 White Oak Natural RIC1414 American Cherry RIC1429 White Oak Brown
Quickstep, Rustic, White Oak Dark, Barnsley Quickstep, Rustic, Pacific Walnut, Barnsley Quickstep, Rustic, Exotic Maple, Barnsley Quickstep, Rustic, Coffee Bean Hickory, Barnsley
RIC1430 White Oak Dark RIC1415 Pacific Walnut RIC1416 Exotic Maple RIC1427 Coffee Bean Hickory